#Italy: The plane is moving fast to give the runway. The wheel weighing 100 kilograms fell off as soon as it left the ground and flew into the sky. The plane continued without that wheel, but the video has already gone viral on social media.

According to sources, a wheel of the 180-tonne Boeing 747 Dreamlifter, operated by Atlas Air, fell off shortly after the plane took off.

The incident happened on Tuesday morning in Taranto, Italy. The viral video shows the plane taking off from the runway… a black trail of smoke is seen coming from the undercarriage of the plane and suddenly a wheel falls off the plane. The wheels fall on the runway and roll away. The weight of the wheel is said to be around 100kg.

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No one on the ground was injured in the incident as the runway was empty at this time.

According to reports, the plane continued its journey. Landed safely in the US despite initial glitches. Investigators from the National Agency for Flight Safety (ANSV) are investigating the incident.

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The video was shared on Twitter by a page called ‘Boardingpassrow’. The video has already been viewed more than 17400 times. There have been several reactions in the net world. While some users were shocked, others thanked God that no one was under the plane at the time.

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