128 migrants rescued from shipping containers in Guatemala
128 migrants rescued from shipping containers in Guatemala

Police in the North American country of Guatemala have rescued 126 migrants from an abandoned shipping container lying on the side of the road.
The words of crying out of the container are available, after receiving such news from the locals, police rescued them from the container in the middle of Nueva Concepcion and Kobales city; The BBC reported.

Authorities believe they were abandoned by human traffickers who paid for their entry into the United States via Mexico.

Among those found in the container were hundreds of Haitians from the troubled North American country, as well as people from Nepal and Ghana.

After rescuing the migrants, a police spokesman said: “We hear cries and knocks from inside the container. After opening the door, I found 126 people without clearance inside. ”

Police rescued the rescued migrants and took them to a shelter run by the Guatemalan Immigration Institute.

Alejandra Mena, a spokeswoman for the Guatemalan Immigration Authority, said the migrants arrived in Honduras, Central America, and headed north for the United States.

He said they would now be taken back to the Honduran border and handed over to authorities.

A day earlier, Mexican authorities detained 652 migrants, including 350 children. All of them were rescued from three frozen double trailer trucks near the southern border of the United States.

At a military checkpoint in Tamaulipas, Mexico, soldiers searched vehicles as they heard voices coming from inside the trailer.