#Doha: The Spain football team in Qatar had a problem a day earlier as they could not bring their favorite food. Pork and a special wine are very popular with the Spanish. But like other countries in the Middle East, pork and alcohol are banned in Qatar. very in trouble Beer is allowed. However, Argentina and Uruguay are no longer willing to make this mistake. They have come to Qatar World Cup with special delicious meat from their own country.

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Asado is a dish made with different cuts of meat and sausages. Which is very popular in Argentina. How can Lionel Messi go to a country to play the World Cup and not have ‘Asado’ with him! 900 kg of meat is being brought to Qatar. Luis Suarez’s camp in Qatar is bringing 2,000 pounds of meat from Uruguay, not just for the Argentinian footballers, but for the same menu and similar dishes.

The cooks (chefs) from their respective countries and all the accessories of the cooking system are also being brought to Doha. Messi-Suarez will enjoy the taste of home food while sitting in Doha throughout the World Cup. Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni also talked about their food ‘asado’.

He said, this one meal keeps the whole team united. He said, my best (favorite) food is asado. But it’s dear status is even more when it comes to Qatar. It creates a great environment to build unity within our team. However, our dieticians will determine how much meat a footballer needs.

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