Football lovers are curious about when Cristiano Ronaldo will debut in Saudi Arabia. Everyone is eagerly waiting for the moment. But the fruit of waiting is going to be sweet. Ronaldo’s debut is against Lionel Messi. But that’s not in Al Nasr’s jersey. On January 19, Ronaldo will play an exhibition match in Riyadh against PSG, who are visiting Saudi Arabia. A mixed team of Saudi Arabia’s two top teams, Al Hilal and Al Nasr, will play against PSG in that match.

The discussion was already there. The friendly match that PSG will play when visiting Saudi Arabia can see Ronaldo and Messi, two rivals on the football field in the last era. Some media also called this match the last “meeting” of Ronaldo-Messi on the football field. The meeting of the two is really going to happen. Al Nasr coach Rudy Garcia confirmed.

On the same day that Al Nasr introduced Ronaldo in a lavish ceremony, Ronaldo expressed his hope that he could play in the next match if the team wanted him. But due to an unexpected incident that happened in the English Premier League last April, he could not play that match. He was fined by the FA for smashing a teenage fan’s mobile phone during a match between Manchester United and Everton. He was banned for two matches. Even after coming to Saudi Arabia, the ban did not leave the Portuguese star behind. However, in the end, it was good, Messi-Ronaldo face off, in such a mouth-watering match that Saudi-debut of CRSeven.

Garcia, however, is not happy with this match. He sees this match as an obstacle in his ongoing work to integrate Ronaldo with Al Nasr. Three days before an important match of the league, Al Nasr coach considers this match as a problem, ‘As the coach of Al Nasr, I cannot be happy with this match. The match will be between PSG and a mixed team of Al Hilal and Al Nasr. This visit of PSG is profitable for football in Saudi Arabia. It will help in the development of football. But it is a bit of a problem for my club. Three days after this match, Al Nasr will enter the field in an important match of the league.

Whatever the jersey of the team, Ronaldo’s debut in Saudi Arabia should be great, that is what Garcia wants. Let him enjoy the match, finish the match with a smile and joy.’

Garcia said, ‘Ronaldo’s time is not going well in recent times, whether it is in Manchester United or Portugal. If he finds happiness in Saudi Arabia, that will be a big deal.

Al Nasr’s coach compared Ronaldo’s arrival in Saudi Arabia to Pele’s signing with the New York Cosmos in 1975, ‘the way soccer craze started in the United States after Pele signed with the Cosmos. Ronaldo’s game in Saudi Arabia seems to be the same. Its impact on Saudi Arabia’s football, culture, and sports as a whole is far-reaching.

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