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Perrottet is asked whether he has the confidence of the Liberal Party cabinet.

Yes. Yes, I do.

The premier then repeats the statements has made previously, saying he was a younger man who made a mistake.

I have a significant amount of support from my colleagues. I am not focussed on the past, I am focussed on driving our state forward.

Pressed on who else might have been at the party, Perrottet makes clear to take the blame for himself saying, “it’s not about other people” and that “what’s important is that I did it.”

I don’t recollect. People have asked me a number of questions about who was there. It was a long time ago. What I know because I was there and I know what I did.

Again the premier falls on the suggestion that he was a younger man.

I was naive and young and didn’t see it that way. And that’s that’s just the reality of that time. I didn’t see it that way and and I made a terrible mistake, but I’m not you know, I’ve answered I’m just not going to keep going.

Perrottet pledges $1bn for western Sydney road projects

New South Wales premier Dominic Perrottet has announced $1bn for new road projects across western Sydney.

After a brief introduction by Liberal candidate for Riverston, Mohit Kumar, the premier said the area is expected to grow by over 250,000.

It’s crucially important not just to drive jobs growth, but to ensure western Sydney is the best place to live, to work to run a business and to raise a family. That’s what this investment is all about today.

WA bushfire contained but uncontrolled

A bushfire south of Perth has been contained but remains uncontrolled.

Some 100 firefighters battled the 6,000-hectare blaze on Saturday before its started to slow.

Aerial support was also dispatched to the DonnybrookBalingup shire on Saturday.

The fire, believed to have been sparked by lightning, was moving slowly north-west as of Sunday morning after breaching containment lines on Saturday.


— DFES (@dfes_wa) January 14, 2023

An emergency warning remained in place for the fire area, with residents told to flee.

Meanwhile, in South Australia, firefighters have managed to contain a bushfire in the Adelaide Hills, just east of the state capital.

Residents in Montacute had been earlier told to leave or take shelter on Saturday.

But by that night the fire was contained with firefighters remaining on scene to monitor hotspots.

Firefighters had been battling the blaze over steep, inaccessible terrain in the Adelaide Hills with 15 tankers and eight aircraft.


New South Wales premier Dominic Perrottet has called a press conference for 9am where he will appear alongside minister for metropolitan roads Natalie Ward to make a major announcement.

We will bring you the latest when it happens.

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Bushfires just outside Perth and Adelaide have continued to burn overnight. A 6,000-hectare blaze in Western Australia is moving slowly north-west on Sunday morning with an emergency warning still in place. About 100 firefighters had been battling the blaze – believed to have been sparked by a lightning strike – with air support. Meanwhile, in South Australia, firefighters have worked overnight to contain a bushfire in the Adelaide Hills near Montacute.

Cardinal George Pell will make his journey home after a funeral mass in Rome that concluded with a blessing from the Pope. Australia’s most senior Catholic was farewelled on Saturday in a ceremony held at St Peter’s Basilica. His coffin will now be returned to Australia to be buried in the crypt at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney where he served as archbishop.

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