Five midfielders to pick in your KFC SuperCoach team

The midfield is where the big points come from – and you can spend big bucks in KFC SuperCoach. Make sure these guns are in your selection plans. FREE GUIDE

Getting your hands on the footy is the quickest way for players to score KFC SuperCoach points, so it’s no surprise midfielders are the biggest guns in Australia’s favourite fantasy game.

In fact, 14 of the top 20 scorers in 2022 were midfielders.

When picking your starting squad you should aim for three or four top-end midfielders – priced over $600,000.

When spending that kind of cash you are aiming for an average of 110 points per game or higher; last year Jack Steele was the 15th ranked midfielder in KFC SuperCoach with an average of 109.8. Four midfielders were in rare air with averages over 120 – these are the guys you can make your captain every week, which helps justify spending the big bucks.

Here are five players to consider for your top midfield slots this year.


Laird was the No.1 scoring player in KFC SuperCoach in 2022 and is the only player priced above $700,000 to start this year. That’s a whole lot of the salary cap but Laird is worth the outlay – last season he scored 93 in his first game of the year as he recovered from a broken hand, then went on a streak of 17 games in which he scored 114 or better, including seven scores over 140.

Al’s verdict: If you don’t start with him, it’s going to be very hard to get him because his incredible consistency (he scored under 100 twice last year and they were 93 and 97) means his price doesn’t come down.


If you can’t bring yourself to pay over $700k for Laird, Oliver is the next best option – you would be taking a huge risk starting without either of the two midfield superstars. Oliver’s average of 127.1 in 2022 was just below Laird’s?, but he has the added security of averaging at least 120 for three seasons in a row, so it would be a huge surprise if he doesn’t do it again this year.

Al’s verdict: Oliver also boasts amazing durability, missing just one game through injury in the past six seasons – an underrated asset in KFC SuperCoach. I wish I could start both Oliver and Laird but if it comes down to one, the Demon is just in front.


The Bont is built for the KFC SuperCoach scoring system, which rewards players who win key contests and stand up in big moments. He’s also a brilliant long kick and hits the scoreboard. His versatility can be an issue when Luke Beveridge starts him out of the goalsquare, but with Josh Dunkley gone and the arrival of Rory Lobb, we should see Bontempelli playing more as a pure midfielder in 2023.

Verdict: He was hampered by an ankle injury last year and played out of position at times and still averaged 116. If Bontempelli gets a free run in the midfield, the sky’s the limit.


The Gold Coast captain hasn’t missed a game in the past three seasons, and scored at least 98 points in 53 of his 60 games in that time. Last year he came home like a steam train, averaging 129 over the final eight rounds. He also posted more scores above 150 than any other player last year, making him a great captaincy option.

Verdict: Elite two-way running and high tackle numbers mean Touk is always in the action. Won’t let you down.


Unusually for players on this list – and in this price bracket – Steele could present some real value in 2023. After averaging 122 in 2020 and 126 in 2021 his average dropped to 110 last year, but that included a game when he injured his shoulder before halftime against Geelong. There’s no reason to think he can’t get back to his 120-plus ways under Ross Lyon this year – the fact he is one of the AFL’s top tacklers helps a lot – which means he’s about $60,000 cheaper than he should be.

Verdict: New coaches always an unknown factor but it’s hard to see Steele being given any role other than winning the footy in the clinches. He’s the 15th-most expensive mid but expect him to finish the year inside the top 10 for scoring.


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