Another Password Manager Announces Support for Passkeys


Passkeys are the future of digital security. And password managers such as 1Password, Dashlane, and LastPass have already announced support for the new technology. NordPass joins that list this week with Passkey support going live in its app.

NordPass explains that using Passkeys with its system is superior to using “alternative systems,” because it allows for syncing between cross-platform devices, offers better passkey-sharing options, and grants instant portability between operating systems. This means that if you use multiple devices in different ecosystems, such as a Windows Laptop and an iPhone, you can use your Passkeys more easily.

Passkeys are the 21st-century replacement for passwords. Instead of creating a different password for multiple accounts that you need to keep track of, remember, and change frequently, passkeys are all computer-generated, unique, and randomized and aren’t susceptible to traditional hacking and phishing methods that passwords are. Also, passkeys utilize biometric data such as a face scan or fingerprint to verify a user’s identity before logging into a site, service, or app.

The FIDO Alliance, a consortium of major tech firms, has been developing passwordless technology for several years. Its goal is to create a more secure way to log into their accounts that doesn’t rely on human-generated content like passwords that can be guessed, hacked, or otherwise compromised.

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