Separatists have carried out three separate attacks in Kashmir, killing one in one of the incidents.
At around 5:30 pm local time on Saturday, separatists opened fire on a man named Majid Ahmad Gojri at the busiest Medina complex in Srinagar’s Kara Nagar area. Doctors declared the Chhatrabal resident dead when he was rushed to hospital in critical condition, Indian media reported.

Police and security forces cordoned off the area shortly after the incident. Additional forces were then deployed in all areas of the city and intensive searches were launched at various points.

An investigation has been launched into the whole situation, police said.

Meanwhile, at around 8 pm local time, only five kilometers away from Kara Nagar, Batmalu area S. D. Another person was attacked in the colony.

Officials said Mohammad Shafi Dar was shot and wounded. He was critically injured in the shooting and is being treated at a hospital, police said.

An investigation has been launched to find the attackers in both cases, they said.

A grenade was hurled at a bunker of the 40th Battalion of the CRPF on KP Road in Anantnag district at around 6.50 am local time.

The grenade hit a target and exploded nearby, but no one was injured, a police official said.