#Kolkata: There are several stocks in the market which, though starting slowly and on a small scale, have been able to give good returns to investors. Currently there is one such small cap company which has given huge returns to its investors. The name of that small cap company is Confidence Futuristic Energetic Limited. Currently its market capitalization is Tk 500.21 crore. This company has quadrupled its investors’ money in 2022.

Confidence Futuristic Energetic Limited Company operates in Commercial Services sector. Those who have invested in the shares of this company for short or long time have made huge profits. The board of this company decided to split their shares on November 3. As a result, the shares of this company of 10 rupees will be divided into 5 rupees each. Last Friday, the company’s shares rose 4.99 percent to close at Tk 399.85.

The journey starts at Tk 12.50 –

Shares of Confidence Futuristic Energetic Limited started their journey on June 25, 2018. Then the share price of this company was 12.50 rupees. Currently this company has not completed 5 years but they have given 3098.80 percent return. Shares of this company have increased by 748.94 percent in the last 1 year. On October 26, 2021, the share price of this company was Tk 47.10, which has now reached close to Tk 400.

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327 increased in 8 months –

In 2022, the shares of this company gave 4 times profit. On February 16, 2022, the share price of this company was Tk 72.90. Last Friday, the share price of this company was Tk 399.85. Similarly, the share of this company increased by 448.49 percent in 8 months. Investors have gained two and a half times in the shares of this company in 6 months. The share price of this company was Tk 124.30 on April 20 which has now increased by 221.68 percent.

80 percent return in one month –

Investors in this company’s shares have gained 79.39 percent in one month. The company said promoters held 61.87 percent stake and public shareholders 38.13 percent in the quarter ended June.

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