#New Delhi: China’s condition is worse than the rest of the world. Recently, Chinese scientists said that the average temperature of that country is increasing by leaps and bounds. In the last 70 years, the temperature has not increased at such a rapid pace in that country. And that’s why scientists are worried. It has also been said by the government that the extreme increase in temperature has also caused them to fold their foreheads.

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The international level research paper was published this week. It is said there that China has become a very sensitive country in terms of climate change. China’s average temperature increased by 0.26 degrees. Since 1951 this temperature has increased in that country. On the other hand, the average temperature increase in the international field is 0.15 degrees.

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Scientists believe that this trend will continue in the future. They say that China’s temperature will rise faster than other countries. Because of that, China will get warmer. Scientists have warned from this decision, due to this increase in temperature, the conditions of China’s watershed may change rapidly, as a result, China’s biological reservoirs may have to change their survival strategies.

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