#New Delhi: Cyber ​​Security Research made an important announcement on Wednesday. According to Cyber ​​Security Research, the financial data of about 9 million card holders has been leaked. Among them are customers of India’s largest bank, State Bank of India. AI-enabled thread intelligence team CloudSEK is headquartered in Singapore. They observed that a database of 1.2 million cards appeared for free on darkweb cybercrime. In addition, the data of 7.9 million card holders has been viewed on the BidenCash website. In other words, the financial card data of about 90 lakh users has been leaked. They observed that the hackers had released a variety of sensitive personal identifiable information on those cards. These include SSN, Card Details and CVV.

According to security researchers, top banking institutions such as State Bank of India, FinServ Solutions LLC, American Express were affected. This includes about 508,000 debit cards and 414,000 Visa Payment Master cards. All these card details and various personal e-mails have been leaked. Various official e-mail records have also already been leaked. These include various official emails from Soft Bank, Bank of Singapore and World Bank.

Rishika Desai, cyber threat researcher at CloudSEK, has reported that various types of sensitive card data have been leaked on dangerous forums like BidenCash. All these organizations are stealing data through card cloning services. Customers’ financial data is being stolen through various methods and phishing attacks. He also said that the data of these cards is being stolen and used for various illegal activities. The stolen data is being used to buy something illegal. In this case, card trafficking, card cloning and various other methods have been used to steal financial data of users.

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The BidenCash forum was launched in early February 2022. Desai said that the BidenCash group is looking to gain popularity in various ways. So customers should make their card transactions securely. In this case, extra caution is required. Don’t visit any malicious sites and enter your financial information and don’t buy anything from those sites. In fact, such groups continue to steal customers’ financial data by offering various types of great deals. Their real purpose is to steal customers’ financial data and use it for illegal purposes by showing various lures.

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