#London: The 20-year-old Miss England finalist made history. No competitor has ever competed without makeup in its nearly century-long history.

According to CNN, Melissa Rauf is a political student in London by profession. Moved forward after opting to make her appearance without makeup in the semi-finals of the pageant on Monday. She will compete with 40 other women to be crowned Miss England this October.

Miss England’s Instagram post was captioned, “Melissa is the first Miss England contestant to make it to the final completely make-up free, isn’t she beautiful?”

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In an interview, Ms. Rauf said she wanted to promote inner beauty and challenge fixed beauty ideals on social media. “It means a lot to me because I feel like a lot of girls of different ages wear makeup because they feel pressured to look good.” She added, “If one is happy in one’s own skin, one should not cover one’s face with makeup. Our flaws give us individuality and that is what makes each person unique.”

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Incidentally, Miss England director Angie Beesley said the pageant had previously introduced a make-up-free modeling round. But this is the first time anyone has chosen to compete without makeup.

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