Only 10 years old. Many will be surprised to hear about weight lifting at this age. But at this age, Kanak Gurjar of Gujarat lifted the weight of 102.5 kg. Kanak did this amazing feat in the Gujarat state powerlifting competition. And the most surprising thing is that Kanak had never lifted weights before. Lifting 102.5 kg without any training is truly unbelievable.

Kanak’s father Indrasingh Gurjar and mother Dharini Gurjar are both associated with weightlifting. They also once used to lift weights. Currently they are coaching and refereeing in various competitions. Kanak’s father and mother are referees in the Gujarat state powerlifting competition at Motera. Meez’s feat surprised her parents there.

Kanak’s weight is 37 kg. He named in the under-44 kg category. Kanak did this feat there. Konak won gold by lifting 55 kg in deadlift, 30 kg in squat and 17.5 kg in bench press. According to the family, Kanak came to watch the competition as a spectator and not as a competitor. I would like to see kids a little older than him lifting weights in the 44kg category. Kanak gives the name. Then no one could have thought that Kanak would become the champion by doing such an act.

Her father is also impressed by the daughter’s natural talent. Indrasingh Gurjar generally does not train anyone below 12 years of age. But he agreed to train his daughter. Konak is going to the world powerlifting competition in America. The competition will start from October 30. Before that, little Kanak will improve himself by training these few days with his father.

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