#New Delhi: E-commerce giant Shopify has announced 10% layoffs. It is known that 1000 workers will lose their jobs. This was reported in a report of the Wall Street Journal on Tuesday.

The employees got to know such news just before the company’s quarterly performance report was released. The sales of top e-commerce companies increased during the Covid pandemic. Shopify’s sales soared during that time. But Shopify’s sales have been declining ever since the Covid situation came under control.

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Reuters reports that Shopify had 7,000 employees at the end of 2020. Despite that, Shopify hired a lot of workers due to the increase in sales during the Corona pandemic.

After this it is known that on 31 December 2021 the total number of employees of the organization reached 10,000. And now the company has decided to lay off 10 percent of the workers. Shopify is fighting with e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart. As a result, the struggle for survival is becoming more difficult for them day by day.

Shopify emphasizes influencer marketing through Twitter and YouTube. But despite that, the fight for survival is becoming very difficult for them. In such a situation they want to reduce the number of workers. The company says that their business is not what it used to be.

Companies like Google, Apple have also reduced staff recruitment. There are companies like Shopify that are heading straight for layoffs.

According to Shopify employees, customers have returned to offline shopping as the Corona situation is under control. As a result, online shopping has decreased. In this situation they had no option but to lay off 10 percent of the workforce.

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In 2016, Shopify had 1,900 employees. There in 2021, their number of employees reached 10 thousand. But now the workforce may be 9 thousand. Shopify saw 86 percent growth in 2020. They have seen profit in 2021 as well. Even then, why lay off workers! The question arises.

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