French surgeons pioneered medicine A nose was created on a woman’s arm and then transplanted into her mouth at the designated place of the nose Because the patient had lost a large part of her nose due to cancer treatment He was diagnosed with nasal cavity cancer 9 years ago After radiotherapy and chemotherapy, a large part of the nose has to be removed The woman, a resident of Tulo city, spent several years without a limb Currently, he got a new organ in the welfare of medical science And that too grew in his own body

According to media reports, 3D-printed biomaterials are used for cartilage replacement ‘nasika’. It is then transplanted into the woman’s arm Skin or skin from a portion of his forehead is grafted onto the transplanted nose The nose grew in the arm for two months After that it is replaced again in the specified place

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The picture of the nose growing on his arm was shared on Facebook by Tulu University Hospital After that, it was reported that the nose was transplanted a second time in a certain place The doctors said, “Today, the transplant was successful.” After two months of observation after transplanting the arm, the nose has finally been placed in a specific place. According to reports published in the press, with the help of microsurgery, the blood vessel of the woman’s arm was connected with the blood vessel of her face.

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