World’s longest food delivery After crossing 30,000 km through 4 continents, the young woman delivered the food ordered He crossed to Antarctica with food from Singapore Manasa Gopal posted a video on Instagram There is a video of him reaching the South Pole from Singapore Manasa covered a distance of 30,000 km to cross four continents.

From Singapore, Manasa first reached Germany’s Hamburg After that, he took a flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina He then left Ushuaia for Antarctica After that he delivered the food to the specified address crossing the icy and muddy path

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Posting the video on Instagram, Manasa wrote, “Today I delivered special order food from Singapore to Antarctica. Very excited to be involved in this project However, every day, food will not be delivered to the remotest and remotest points of the world by crossing 30,000 km from Singapore. The video was posted on October 5 by Manasa, a resident of Chennai So far, his views have crossed 39,000

Curiosity has spread among netizens around this video Several questions have arisen The most common question is what food was ordered? How much was the delivery fee? However, everyone freely praised this achievement Earlier last year, Manasa had said that he wanted to meet the expenses of the trip to Antarctica Looking for a famous brand as a sponsor His dream companion is Foodpanda

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