#Birmingham: The third gold of the country came in the hands of Bengal in the Commonwealth Games Achintya Shewli won gold in the 73 kg category at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022. The 20-year-old weightlifter lifted a total of 313 kg In the snatch event, Indian weightlifter Shiuli lifted 137 kg on the first target He lifted this weight very easily in the first attempt In his second attempt he lifted 140 kg And on the third target, he lifted 143 kg

Then he lifted 166 kg in clean and jerk in his first attempt In the second attempt, his target was 170kg But he could not pick it up But he did not give up He tried 170 kg for the third time as well He achieved success after lifting 143 kg in snatch He won gold in clean and jerk with 170 kg and 313 kg total

Achintya has come up from a very low middle class family with a lot of struggle His father used to drive a rickshaw As it was not possible to run the family with his earnings, the rest of the family also had to work hard They used to embroider and lace the sarees Achintya’s father died when he was only 8 years old Even if the thoughtless have a smile, it is a waste of time Achintya learned sewing at an early age

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Achintya is a boy from a village in Howrah There he joined the local gym at the age of 12 But he did not leave sewing work His grandfather was also a weightlifter But he could not go ahead with his hobby due to family pressure Achintya’s grandmother also used to do sewing work

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Achinta says life is tough after winning Commonwealth gold After he joined the gym, working out was even harder than eating three meals a day While the father was alive his mother did not have to work, but after his death his mother also had to start working

Achintya’s grandfather also used to do weightlifting training Achinta’s coming into this game is sudden One day while flying a kite in the neighborhood, he cut the kite and fell in front of the gym, then he saw his grandfather there along with many others. After that Achintya fell in love with weightlifting As a result, Achinta of Bengal added the third gold to the medal list of the country by winning gold in the Commonwealth Games.

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