#Dubai: The Indian team has been knocked out of the 2022 Asia Cup. Team India beat Afghanistan by 101 runs in their last match in Asia Cup 2022.

A video of that match is going viral on social media. In fact during the India-Afghanistan match there was great camaraderie between the fans of the two teams. In the viral video, fans of India and Afghanistan are seen hugging each other. They were chanting India and Afghanistan Zindabad together.

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This video of fans from India and Afghanistan is going viral on social media. Pakistan and Afghanistan met last Wednesday. In that match, a situation like a fight was created between the cricketers of the two teams on the field.

After the match, there was a pitched battle between Pakistan and Afghanistan supporters. That video has gone viral on social media. Both India and Afghanistan have been knocked out of the race for the Asia Cup final. Pakistan and Sri Lanka will face each other in the final of Asia Cup 2022 on September 11.

A Twitter user from Afghanistan shared a video. In that video, it is seen that the supporters of India and Afghanistan are hugging each other.

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A Twitter user named Habib Khan shared the video and captioned it, “During the match between Afghanistan and India, there was a brotherly relationship between the fans of the two countries.” Besides, the supporters of the two countries hugged each other and chanted slogans of Bharat Zindabad and Afghanistan Zindabad.

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