#Ohio: In 1988, an organization of expatriate Bengalis, Central Ohio Bengali Cultural Association, was formed by a group of Bengalis in Ohio. This organization has been organizing Durga Puja for the last 34 years. Every year around Durgotsav, Bengalis from two Bengals flock to this city in the mood of the festival. How does this weekend event make you forget the feeling of being away from the land of the country. Expatriate Bengalis enjoy dancing, singing, joy and festivals centered around Durga Puja.

Although Durga Puja has been organized for the last three decades, due to the Covid epidemic, the color of the festival has faded slightly in the last two years. Pooja was held in small scale in Indian Hindu temples. All the covid rules were followed very carefully. But this year, the Central Ohio Bengali Cultural Association’s puja has returned to its glory. This time the puja was organized by hiring Northland High School.

One of the highlights of this two-and-a-half-day weekend puja this year was the song program by artist Eamon Chakraborty. 7th, 8th and 9th of October, these three days were Durga Puja celebrations. On the one hand, as the Puja, Anjali, Bhoga eating and idol darshan are going on with devotion, on the other hand there are various cultural festivals and competitions every day.

Bengalis from nearby areas also joined this festival. The Bengalis of Ohio were in the mood of Calcutta for these two days in Dhaka bowls, chanting, and Bengali, dancing, singing, drama, and conversation. Musician Eamon Chakraborty from Kolkata was a special attraction on the first day. From eight to eighty, almost everyone swayed to the tune of the song. On the first day, about five and a half hundred visitors gathered for the puja.

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