#New Delhi: A few days after WhatsApp went down, there were similar complaints about photo sharing app Instagram across the world. A number of users from various parts of the world have reported service disruptions since Monday evening.

A complaint has been received, it is not possible to log in to Instagram. Many people are getting account cancellation messages. Many Twitter users posted screenshots of the message.

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On Monday evening, Instagram officials tweeted and promised to fix the problem. “We know that many of you are facing problems logging in to Instagram,” reads the Instagram post. Trying to solve. And apologies for the inconvenience.’

Almost a week ago, on October 25, WhatsApp services were disrupted in various parts of India. Users were seeing ‘Connecting’ text on the app and were unable to send messages. After about two hours, WhatsApp is back to normal. Users were experiencing this issue with the app on all three versions, Android, iOS and web. WhatsApp users were not getting any new messages after the service was stopped. Also, users were having trouble sending messages.

After that the same problem appeared with another app of Mater. As far as the news is coming, the complaints are mainly coming from the metro cities.

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