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AL focuses on polls, BNP in government at election time

AL focuses on polls, BNP in government at election time
AL focuses on polls, BNP in government at election time

The electoral commission will be reformed next February

The ruling Awami League has already started preparations for the next parliamentary elections in late 2023, that the elections will be held under a neutral government and claims that a fair election is not possible under the government of the day. .
The mandate of the current electoral commission will expire next February, but both parties have stated that they are not concerned. The current five-member electoral commission headed by Chief Election Commissioner AKM Nurul Huda was established in 2017 by a search committee.

Before leaving the country about two weeks ago to attend the UN General Assembly in New York, Prime Minister and President of the Awami League, Sheikh Hasina, had appointed party members to begin preparations for the upcoming elections. generals during a meeting in Ganabhaban. 4,444 leaders of the BNP Central Committee have held several meetings since then.

A deputy general secretary of the Awami League told this correspondent on Monday that the formation of a new electoral commission had not been discussed in partisan forums. However, as always, a new EC is likely to form after discussions with all other parties. Also read BNP leaders amidst polls seeking movement.
BNP Vice Chairman Shamsuzzaman Dudu told the Dhaka Tribune that it doesn’t matter who sits on the next election commission.

“The only thing that matters is who runs the electoral government. If Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina leads the electoral government like in 2014 and 2018, the elections will not be carried out fairly as we saw before, ”he said.
Regarding the party’s electoral preparations, Dudu said that he was always ready to vote, but that the real problem was the transparency of the elections.

“We believe that a fair election is not possible under any political government. A fair election is only possible if an electoral government in the form of a transitional government or a neutral government is formed before the elections, ”he added. The mandate of the current electoral commission ends on February 15, 2022.

Cuboid: Who is the BNP’s prime ministerial candidate?

Meanwhile, the AL secretary general, Obaidul Quader, asked on Monday who would be the prime minister of the BNP in the next elections. “Our party president, Sheikh Hasina, is the Awami League candidate for the post of prime minister. Who is the BNP candidate? ”He said. BNP leader Khaleda Zia is currently under house arrest after being convicted of corruption cases. The current president of the BNP, Tareq Rahman, lives in London and is also accused of corruption.

Shamsuzzaman Dudu said: “Khaleda Zia remains our candidate for prime minister. If for some reason he cannot be, hen Vice President Tareq Rahman will be the candidate. Also read BNP: AL supported intermediaries behind price increase
“The Awami League can learn from the last elections in Calcutta; Mamata Banarjee will now be elected Prime Minister in a second round after the parliamentary elections. That option is still in our constitution, ”added Dudu.
When contacted by the BNP Standing Committee, Nazrul Islam Khan said that the party leaders of the Dhaka Tribune were not thinking about the next general election.

“We set goals to thwart this undemocratic government. We believe that fair elections are not possible under this government. We are no longer thinking of discussing the elections with this government, ”he said.

AL focuses on polls, BNP in government at election time

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