#New Delhi: Smartphone is very important for almost all of us nowadays. Because most of the work is now done through smartphones. For this almost most of the day is spent with the smartphone. As a result, many people gradually become addicted to smartphones. Repeated checking of phone notifications, checking different phone apps, etc. are symptoms. This type of addiction has been slowly increasing since the Corona pandemic. Various types of research have shown that this kind of effect of smartphones is causing physical and mental diseases. As a result, the eyes are also affected badly. Any disposition takes up to 21 days to develop. It takes about the same amount of time to break that habit again. Let’s take a look at how to avoid the bad effects of smartphones.

Ways to get rid of smartphone addiction

There is a dire need to break the smartphone addiction to improve our physical and mental health. It is possible to avoid this bad effect of smartphone if you follow some specific ways.

– Set a time to use the smartphone. If an alarm is required for this, it should be set.

– The phone should be switched off for certain hours of the day. As a result, the phone itself will also get some comfort.

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– Phone notifications should be limited. As a result, the phone’s social media, mail or messaging app notifications will not come again and again. As a result, the phone will not be looked at again and again.

– Keep your phone away while reading. As a result, the mind will focus on studies.

– It is necessary to tell friends and family about the specific time that will be set to turn off the phone. So that they don’t worry about calling or texting at that time.

– The backlight of the phone should be reduced a few hours before sleeping at night.

– Phone data should be turned off for some hours a day i.e. internet should be turned off. This will save the phone’s battery and the phone will not be easily overlooked.

– Change the nature of replying immediately when a message arrives. Immediate reply is required only in case of emergency.

– Keep your phone with someone else while studying. If you have a phone with you, then you will look at that phone again and again.

– Keep the phone in airplane mode for some time. This will cause the phone and itself to rest.

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