Android phones have more customers than Apple in India. Android phones are quite different from Apple’s phone ecosystem. Calls received on iOS devices can easily be received on MacBooks and iPads. The phone call can be easily cut off after speaking.

But Android users need not despair any more. Because Android users can also receive phone calls on Windows laptops and computers. A software must be installed to receive phone calls on Windows computers and laptops. Similarly phone calls can be received on computer by installing an app from Google Play Store on Android smartphone.

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This app must be downloaded on the smartphone –

Apple users can receive phone calls on MacBooks and iPads using the AirDrop app on iOS devices. Android users can download the ‘Link To Windows’ app from the Google Play Store to receive phone calls on computers and laptops alike. It is completely free to download from Google Play Store. Location permission is required after downloading this app. Then connect the smartphone to the computer with the help of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

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This app needs to be downloaded on the computer –

Windows users need to download a software from the Microsoft Store to receive phone calls on computers and laptops. The name of this software is Phone Link. It can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft Store. Phone can be connected with laptop and computer through this. This requires both devices to have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. A computer cannot be connected to the phone without the help of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

How to connect computer with smartphone –

1 – Link to Undoze app should be opened on the smartphone to connect the computer with the smartphone.

2 – In the same way, open the phone link software by double clicking on the computer.

3 – Then scan on the smartphone.

4 – Click on Undo Computer after scanning.

5 – Then go to the computer and click ‘OK’ to allow the smartphone.

6 – Call log and dialer can be seen on the computer.

7 – Then when the phone comes, it can be received on the smartphone and computer.

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