#Nairobi: Ananya Pal, every year tries her best to celebrate Shardia Utsav culturally in Nairobi with her team, where the participants are pan-Indian. This year’s festival has acquired a special dimension due to UNESCO listing of Durga Puja. This year Ananya produced a dance drama ‘The Itharal Saga’ whose story is set in the context of the love story of poet Jayadeva and Padmavati and Gita Govinda.

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The event will be staged on September 16 at the Muthaiga Country Club. This club is the most elite club in Nairobi, where the audience is also completely international. The show’s artists are also multi-ethnic. This dance drama is composed and directed by Ananya Pal, composer and singer Ashish Chakraborty, Shresthanshe Krishna Kisle and Sushma Reddy. Commentary by James Muhia (Kenya) and Janani Rajasekaran (Sri Lanka). Additionally, Ananya has created a virtual program titled ‘Agmani – The Divine Arrival’, which will be aired during Mahalaya from her own YouTube channel.

A few days ago, he came to Kolkata to officially reveal the look of his creation Pushpaketu detective character. Actor Rohan Bhattacharya has been considered for the role. Also worked with multi-faceted artists of Birbhum. Ananya highlighted the status of women in the society through Mansakatha. Even from far away from the country, Ananya Pal is doing such things one after the other out of her love for her culture, language and sense of responsibility. Ananya Pal said, “It’s good to celebrate our culture in Nairobi. It’s a great honor that Durga Puja has got UNESCO heritage status this time. Even though we’re in a different country, we feel our soil.”

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