#New Delhi: Surprise in America! The girlfriend heard the voice of another unknown woman while calling the boyfriend’s phone And that is why he is angry Out of anger, he set fire to his boyfriend’s house In that incident, the boyfriend’s house was burnt to ashes This surprising incident happened in Texas on November 20

According to police sources, the woman entered her boyfriend’s house at 1.45 pm on November 20 He came and set fire to the house After that, he stole several things and fled The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office said they received an emergency phone call on the night of Nov. 20. The incident in San Ontario naturally made headlines on Monday

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The police also said that the man had a relationship with the woman The police also said, “That woman’s name is Senadia Soto.” She called her boyfriend’s phone But that phone was picked up by another unknown woman

After hearing that, the woman got fired up He entered the house directly Then he entered the house and set it on fire.” At that time, a video came to light The video shows the house on fire The administration said that there has been damage to property worth 50,000 rupees

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