#Chakdah: Anushka Sharma is working day and night to become Jhulan Goswami! Virat-Gharani will be seen in Jhulan’s biopic Chakdah Express. He will play the role of Jhulan. And so he is not making the mistake of trying to become a curtain hanger.

Anushka has started preparing herself for ‘Chakdah Express’. She will be seen on the big screen for the first time after her maternity leave. Zero released in December 2018 was Anushka’s last film. Then a long pause. He was never seen on the big screen again.

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Bhamika has come to light up Virat-Anushka’s house. Anushka went on a long vacation after having a daughter. To raise her daughter, she gave up all her work and focused on the world. Bhamika is a bit older now. So Anushka is back on the big screen.

Anushka became a mother in January 2021. And now it is known that the biopic of Jhulan Goswami starring Anushka Sharma may release in January 2023. It is also reported that Anushka has prepared herself to act in the biopic of the Bengali cricketer.

Directed by Prasit Roy, ‘Chakdah Express’ will release on Netflix. And Anushka can come to Chakdah station for the shooting of that movie. He can even be seen in several fields in Chakdah.

Besides, it is reported that Anushka Sharma can shoot in several places in Nadia. But there is no news about when he will shoot. Anushka did a look test for Chakdah Express in Eden in January 2020. That day he was seen with Jhulan.

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Shooting will be done in Nadia, Chakdah, Kolkata and several places abroad. In fact, Bengal pacer Jhulan’s struggle to become a cricketer started from Chakdah. So Anushka will shoot there to highlight some parts of Jhulan’s life. Hanging on the screen is not a word of mouth!

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