#Kolkata: And just a few weeks to wait. NASA’s Artemis 1 program is about to begin, essentially two tasks to explore the entire Moon and pave the way to landing humans on the Moon within a few years. If all goes well, a human landing on the South Pole of the Moon is set to take place by 2024. The last time humans landed on the moon was the Apollo 17 mission in December 1972.

Right next to the Atlantic Ocean in Florida, get ready, Rob, because just a few weeks from now, on August 29, the first launch of Artemis 1 by the Orion spacecraft will take place from the Cape Carnival space station there. Needless to say, this is the first phase of the NASA-led Artemis 1 mission.

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According to sources, about 1 lakh people are going to gather to witness this historic moment, so the advance booking of all hotels near the sea is over for now.

Meanwhile, thousands of miles away, Google local guide and space lover Shaunak Das, a resident of Chatra in Srirampur, is very excited, for whatever reason, the names of nearly 33 lakh (3391108) people from all over the world have been put in a flash drive by NASA through their Orion spacecraft. About to send into space, his name is included in it. A boarding pass has already been sent to him from NASA. It is to be noted that a boarding pass was sent to him by NASA during the Mars journey exactly 2 years ago, currently his name is on a microchip on the ground of the red planet along with the names sent by the others.

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Shaunak was saying that even though he was not physically present, he and his family and friends were very happy because his name was on this moon expedition. He has also received an invitation to show the rocket launch live on NASA’s own TV channel.

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