#Kolkata: NASA’s Jupiter James Webb Telescope is becoming a source of immense surprise one after another. Because through that telescope, people can watch all the cosmic images, which are absolutely amazing to see. Recently, the American space agency released a picture of Jupiter. The telescope is said to have collected this image through an infrared camera. And there is a unique form of the planet.

As claimed by NASA, the world has never seen such a picture of Jupiter. The telescope recently released a stunning picture of the birth and death of black holes and the birth and death of stars. The pictures of those stars shook the world. Since then, this planet has actually started to observe various elements of the solar system by staying at a certain distance. Jupiter is part of that list.

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It appears that this is the largest planet in the solar system. Also, the Great Red Spot of that special shape is visible. The planet is captured in black and white in the picture. It looks as if someone has carefully painted this planet with different shades of white and black. Scientists believe that the images from this telescope will help create a new understanding of the solar system. Will present a wealth of new information. Analyzing these images will also try to gather detailed information about exactly what gases are in the planet’s atmosphere and how they interact. Earlier, this James Webb telescope surprised by taking pictures of stars. It is also thought that scientists will get many ideas about constellations from star images.

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