At first Nobel laureate Abdul Razak could not believe it
At first Nobel laureate Abdul Razak could not believe it

Abdul Razak Gurnah of Tanzania was informed about the Nobel Prize in Literature by phone. But this writer could not believe the matter in any way.

Thought maybe a sales representative of an organization had called him. For this, he spoke in a threatening tone with the person on the other end of the phone.

In an interview with the BBC, Abdul Razak said the incident took place shortly before lunch. I was making tea for myself. Just then the phone rang. I thought, maybe there will be a sales representative. I picked up the phone. A man from Opash said, Hello, you have won the Nobel Prize in Literature. I said, get away! Leave me alone

He could not believe the news of winning the award. He received the award, but later it was possible to convince him.

Tanzanian author Abdul Razak Gurnah has won the 2021 Nobel Prize in Literature for his novel Paradise. On Thursday, the Swedish Academy announced his name as the Nobel laureate.

Abdul Razak Gurnah’s uncompromising and sympathetic writings tell the story of the misery of colonialism and the hardships of refugee life.

Abdul Razak Gurnah was born in 1948 on the Indian Ocean island of Zanzibar.

He immigrated to England as a refugee in the late 1970’s.

So far this Tanzanian writer has written 10 novels and a few short stories.

The repercussions of the lives of the refugees are reflected in his writings.

So far, 118 people have won the Nobel Prize in Literature, of which only 18 are women.

The Swedish Academy has suspended the literary award in 2016 due to sexual scandals involving members of the Nobel Committee. Later in 2019, the name of the two-time Nobel laureate was announced.

The Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded to Polish writer Olga Tokarchuk for 2018 and to Peter Huntker of Austria for the following year. Lewis Gluck, an American poet, won the Nobel Prize in Literature last year.