#New Delhi: This is also possible! Seeing the multiple test reports of a resident of Italy, the eyes of the doctors were raised. Recently, the resident of Italy visited Spain. After returning from there, symptoms like fever, sore throat, headache started. After that the doctors started his physical examination. After that test, it is seen that he is corona positive. Not only that, monkeypox and HIV have settled in his body.

Doctors said that he was suffering from common fever and cold and headache after returning from Spain. He went to Spain last June 16 to 20, for five days. There he indulged in unprotected sex. After his return, his health began to deteriorate. After that, the physical examination showed that these three diseases have taken root in his body.

The first symptoms started appearing in his body nine days after the initial discharge. On July 2, his physical examination revealed that he was HIV positive. Within a day or two, he noticed small swellings like boils on his hands, face and some parts of his body. Then on July 5, he went to the hospital, where he was tested for monkeypox, his report came back positive.

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After that, the doctors also tested him for HIV, and the report came back positive. The doctors said that this HIV infection is recent, because he was tested once in September 2021, when the report came back negative. “This case proves how the symptoms of covid and monkeypox can match,” the doctors said in the Journal of Infection without naming the man. This fact proves that they are also related to a person’s sexual habits.”

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