#New Delhi: Imran Khan’s ex-wife and producer Jemima Goldsmith was relieved on Thursday to learn that Imran Khan is fine after the fatal attack. Many people wished him a speedy recovery in the wake of the attack on the former Pakistan captain and former prime minister As she tweeted after getting confirmation about her ex-husband’s health, she also gave a message on behalf of her children They said they paid tribute to the man who captured the attacker

He tweeted, “The news we dread… Thank God he’s okay. And thank you from his sons to the heroic man in the crowd who tackled the gunman.” On behalf of my children, thank you to the person who caught the shooter

Goldsmith is a British screenwriter, television, film and documentary producer Who is the first wife of Imran Khan Imran and Jemima got married In 1995 But they got divorced in 2004 Their two sons are Sulaiman Isha (1996), Kashim (1999).

Imran Khan was shot dead at a Real Freedom rally in Uzirabad on Thursday This march was against the Shehbaz Sharif government This long political process from Lahore to Islamabad is going on in Pakistan The procession was supposed to reach Islamabad on November 4

Imran Khan is admitted to Shaukat Khanum Hospital in Lahore He is healthy and stable

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