#Melbourne: Just as the India vs Pakistan battle is eternal in the world of cricket, the Australia vs England battle is even older. It can be called a war of several hundred years. One more day. The cricket world will get a new T20 champion on Sunday itself. Melbourne cricket England-Pakistan will meet in the World Cup final on the ground. Imran Khan’s Pakistan team won the World Cup in 1992 by defeating England on this very ground.

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Time will tell if Babar Azma can repeat history this time, but Wasim Akram believes there will be more Pakistan fans in Melbourne’s gallery that day. Pakistan’s former pace star Babar Azam of Sultan of Swing fame has advised fearlessness. Said to play without pressure.

This hero of the 92 world cup victory also congratulated the two finalist teams, it is a very big day. We play for this day. First, it is your dream to represent the country. Then playing in the World Cup final, it’s a big deal. So Pakistan and England should be congratulated first. They have done it.

Akram claims that there will be more Pakistan supporters in Melbourne. Because England is Australia’s arch enemy. They will not support the butlers even in life. So Pakistan will also get the support of the host visitors. Akram said, the matter should be kept very normal. Just enjoying going to the field.

I can tell you another secret, whole Australia will support Pakistan team. The reason for this is England. This also happened in the 92 World Cup final. If there are 89,000 viewers, 50,000 of them are Australian.

They plan ahead and book tickets. They don’t look for tickets at the last minute like we do. But Pakistan won’t win just by getting support. Akram told Babar that if they want to beat a team like England, they will have to show their best cricket.

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