#Kolkata: Pathikrit Basu’s film ‘Near Man’ The first song is ‘Chumbak Man’. Just released. His program caused a stir. At a restaurant in Park Street, Kolkata. Dev, Isha Saha and Usha Uthup came in front of the journalists in a frenzy. However, another hero of the film, Prosenjit Chatterjee, was not present at the event. The song captures Dev-Isha’s chemistry.

The audience is fascinated by this collage of the chemistry of the two heroes and heroines in various streets, shops, trams of Kolkata city. The number of viewers has crossed 2 lakh within 24 hours. Before this, the trailer of the film was released. First, the presence of two superstars of Bengal Apart from that, people are eager to know who will win and who will lose in this tense game of life and death. Apart from this, Sushmita Chatterjee will be seen in an important role in the film.

The first song was released in the midst of this uproar. The main surprise of the song is Usha Uthup. The veteran singer’s voice adds a new dimension to the love song ‘Chumbak Maan’. Dev-Usha’s romantic dance was an even bigger surprise at that song release event. This new song was played in the background. Isha, Usha and Dev started dancing happily. Dev suddenly took the singer’s hand and started dancing. Cheers were heard on all sides. Isha also moved away to enjoy their dance from a distance. Later the heroine also joined in the dance.

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But not only dancing, Usha sang the song in front of everyone. And the singer shared the video of that part of their dance on Twitter. He also wrote, ‘Chumbak Man’ song launch with ‘Aamar Nakher Mansoor’.

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This film will be released on the occasion of Puja on September 30. Neelayan Chatterjee has composed music for this Dev Entertainment Ventures film.

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