#Kolkata: Criticism has started across the country regarding the treatment of the Indian cricket team in Sydney, Australia. Indian cricketers were served cold food after practice on Tuesday. Which were very few in quantity and own Sandwich They were told to make their own. Moreover, the ground where India practice was held is an hour away from the hotel.

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Many complain that the ICC is misbehaving with the Indian team. Sourav Ganguly, however, is optimistic that the BCCI will resolve the food and practice issues soon. Sourav came to sports journalist club on Wednesday. There he opened his mouth on this subject.

Special awards were presented to Commonwealth Games medalist Achintya Shiuli and squash player Sourav Ghosal. Manoj Tiwari was awarded. Manoj scored two centuries and a fifties in the Ranji Trophy. Take Bengal to the semi-finals. On receiving the award, Manoj said that he still dreams of making Bengal the best of India. So keep playing.

Table tennis player Suthirtha Mukhopadhyay, footballer Shouvik Chakraborty, gymnast Pranati Naik were also awarded. Sourav was awarded by the Sports Journalists Club many years ago early in his career. Sourav cherished that memory.

England’s surprise loss to Ireland Saurabh said rain can change a lot of calculations, especially in T20 World Cup. But England will turn around. Sourav will fly to Qatar to watch the semi-final and final. This is going to be the last World Cup for Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. So Saurabh wants to see these two great footballers succeed.

He loves both of them immensely. However, Maharaj also informed that the success of Messi and Ronaldo is not in their hands alone. Argentina and Portugal have to perform as a team. Only then will it be possible for these two living legends to do something good.

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