Kolkata: Jio True 5G is the world’s most advanced 5G network. Which is going to bring a radical change in the telecom world. And Jio is emphasizing on launching this advanced True 5G service in West Bengal as well. So that the residents of this state get technology and good facilities, that’s why this initiative of Jio. And the biggest thing is that Jio is a very popular brand in a city like Kolkata. Their market share here is about 45. 7 percent.

JIO engineers are working tirelessly day and night to provide this advanced service throughout Kolkata this year. And that organization is determined to spread this service in the entire state. But that work will be done in different stages. Which will start from Siliguri. In fact, Siliguri is considered as the gateway to North Bengal and Assam or North East.

Jio True-5G has threefold benefits, making it the only true 5G network in India-

The only 5G infrastructure with advanced 5G network. No more relying on 4G networks. The biggest and best mix of 5G spectrum across the 700 MHz, 3500 MHz and 26 GHz bands. Carrier aggregation, which combines 5G frequencies into a single robust data highway using advanced technology.

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Jio users are getting 500 Mbps to 1 Gbps speed on their smartphones from anywhere. And they can use high amount of data seamlessly.

A workshop was organized by the DOT and the Department of IT and Electronics, Government of West Bengal at the Vishwabangla Convention Center in Newtown, Kolkata on Monday. There Jio organized an ‘Experience Centre’. And the center has shown how a few uses can dramatically change the lives of millions of people in the state. Jio will work hand in hand with West Bengal government to strengthen the vision of Bengal going forward. Along with that organization’s promise – ‘Bangla will be ahead with Jio True 5G.’

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The transformative uses that the workshop’s Geo Experience Center says are:


West Bengal government has taken various initiatives in the field of agriculture. One of which is about soil. IoT and drone-based precision data should be used to expand this initiative in a more significant way. It will contain everything from solving farming problems to how much fertilizer or pesticides to use to increase production in agriculture.


Digital learning will become easier with this service of Jio. It will easily reach every corner of the state even remote areas. Children there will also get educational facilities. Not only that, but also the lack of infrastructure will be solved. Even teachers can use interactive 3D models with augmented reality to make teaching more fun and effective.


Where health services cannot be reached properly in that way, better quality health services will be reached through it. 5G can provide high quality health services in rural and remote areas of the state. Because tele-radiology will benefit, always an advanced health solution like an ambulance. Even one bag will have all the equipment related to the clinic or treatment, such facilities will also come at the hands of Jio.

Smart Office:

Offices are also going to be of better quality due to this service. There will be easy-to-use wireless plugs. There will also be GeoAirFiber, Cloud PC, Video Telephony-Surveillance, Digital Signage.

Potential for improved mobile broadband:

Through Jio True 5G, mobile phones can be used wirelessly at broadband-like speeds. Which will make life easier for every citizen of the state and will also empower them in their work. IPS Rajeev Kumar, Principal Secretary, Department of Information Technology and Electronics, Government of West Bengal was present at Jio Experience Center on this day. There he was wearing Geo glasses. Abdhesh Singh, Executive Vice President of Reliance Jio East and West was also with him.

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