#Kolkata: Mithan is one of the most popular serials of Bengali television Sweetness of daily success is at the peak of popularity Although according to television rating points or TVR, Mitha is a little behind from before, but life is full of ups and downs. Meanwhile, on Friday, Mithai gave a big news to the fans on social media

Mithai aka Soumitrishna, the sweet of parents’ love, received a big gift from her father before Puja. The iPhone 14 O and iPhone 14 Pro Max series are on sale in the Indian market from Friday Needless to say, the sweetie of the screen was extremely happy to receive this wonderful gift from her father

The current market price of the phone received by Soumitrishna starts from Tk 1,39,900 The phone has a pill-shaped notch design, Apple says ‘Dynamic Island’, the color of the phone has also caught the attention of fans. Soumitrishna posted a video on Instagram unveiling the pink colored phone

Means he made a video while uncovering the phone and that video has gone viral on social media Mithai expressed his gratitude and love to his father, but he addressed him as Babai She acted in a popular serial called Day Por Din It has become a very favorite series for everyone

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The chemistry between him and Sid is very likable As a result, Soumitrishna has become everyone’s house girl through this series From the drawing room to the bedroom then when he made a place in everyone’s mind

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There is also the end of the sweet today in everyone’s phone, in everyone’s mind But before the puja, this big gift really made the puja, needless to say

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