#Kolkata: Very big news for the middle class as the price of cooking gas has come down by Tk 100 per cylinder According to Indian Oil sources, the price of 19 kg of commercial cooking gas has been Tk 1,995.50. That is, the price of cooking gas per cylinder has decreased by 100 taka The new prices are effective from 1 September 2022 On the other hand, it has been learned that the price of 14.2 kg domestic cooking gas cylinder (without subsidy) remains unchanged. The price of which is currently Rs 1,079 per cylinder

Generally, the price of cooking gas changes on the first day of every month Exceptions can also be seen at times Let’s take a look at the price per cylinder of cooking gas in major cities of the country like Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai.

1,053 per cylinder (14.2 kg) of cooking gas in the capital Delhi, where the price decreased by Rs 48 per cylinder last month i.e. on July 31. The price of cooking gas per cylinder in Kolkata is Rs 1,079 The price of cooking gas per cylinder in Mumbai, the commercial city of the country, is Tk 1,052.50 and the price of cooking gas in Chennai is Tk 1,068.50.

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A reduction in the price per cylinder of commercial cooking gas is expected to bring a lot of relief before Durga Puja, the best Bengali festival in early October, as the common people will be busy with various activities during this month. For example, when shopping for various items from clothes to clothes, you have to go shopping outside the house, in that case eating out remains an issue. In order to reduce the price of commercial cooking gas cylinders, Aam Adami will not have to pay extra money to eat out for the time being

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