#Kolkata: “Kharkuto’! The Mukherjee family came to win everyone’s hearts in 2020. And the life of that family is Gungun aka Trina Saha! The audience is waiting to see Gungun and Saujanya on the screen. Gungun is a very smart girl. Her mind and mouth speak the same thing. Today such Where can you find a simple girl! And Leena Gangopadhyay won everyone’s heart with this simplicity! Whatever the TRP list, the audience did not miss to see Gungun-courtesy love, beating, affection!

Initially, ‘Kharkuto’ remained in the top and top five on the TRP list. In the latter, however, the TRP has fallen quite a bit. But no one decided to stop the serial. But everything has an end. These days very few serials run for 4 consecutive years like that ‘Maa’ serial or ‘Janambhoomi’. The last ‘Maa’ series is the longest running. But if you look at it in that sense, 2 years have passed ‘Kharkuto’! And now this series is going to end. Wednesday was the birthday of this series. Gungun, one of the faces of the serial, died today.

Yes, you read that right. This series ends with Gungun’s death. Gungun is shown to be suffering from a brain tumor. But he did not return after the operation. This is how ‘Kharkuto’ is going to end with sadness! But the audience can’t accept Gungun’s death. Many people have commented on social media, why is the series ending with death like this? Could there be a happy ending? Why not? Although Trina said about this, she is also not happy with this ending. However, this decision has been made by the director and writer to increase the credibility of the story! Trina also said that she can’t forget how people loved Gungun in Kharkuto series! It is known that next week will be broadcast for the last time ‘Kharkuto’! But the story of humming is ending with a heavy heart! By the way, the popular face of this series was Abhishek Chatterjee! He played the role of Gungun’s father. A few months ago, the actor’s death cast a shadow of mourning on the entire set. Even in Tollywood. However, as soon as that rash is not cut, the viewer’s heart is upset again, ‘Kharkuto’ ends!

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