International Desk: The bride died after being hit by a bullet while the guests were cheering at the wedding ceremony. Recently this happened in Iran. Although the country’s law makes it illegal to fire shots to celebrate wedding ceremonies, it was not accepted there.

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The New York Post reported this information. The deceased bride’s name is Mahvash Leghai (24).

A guest from the groom’s party at the wedding fired a few rounds of blanks to announce the festivities. Those bullets penetrated the skull of Conne Mahvash and hit the bodies of two others. Immediately, Mahvash was rescued and taken to the hospital. He died there while undergoing treatment. However, two other injured guests survived.

“We received an emergency phone call of a shooting at a wedding hall in Firuzabad city,” said Colonel Mehdi Jokar, the country’s police spokesman. Later, police officers were immediately sent there.’ Police arrived at the scene and identified the shooter. The 36-year-old man is the groom’s cousin.

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The deceased Mahvash Leghai had recently completed his graduation in psychology. He was a social worker. He used to help drug addicts to get rid of their addiction. As per the daughter’s wishes, Mahvash’s parents have donated her various body parts to three people.

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