#London: The entire country witnessed the injustice done to the Indian women’s hockey team at the Commonwealth Games. The field umpire excused the stopwatch not starting after the penalty stroke was missed. India’s goalkeeper Savita Punia made a great save though of the umpire A wrong decision has ended the hopes of a gold medal in women’s hockey.

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Seeing that, Virender Sehwag was not wrong to protest. Australia and England are always eye to eye on the field of play said Veeru clearly. Sehwag wrote on social media, Australia missed the penalty, and the umpire said the stop watch was not run. It’s strange. So why did he not stop taking the stroke? The robbery was done in the afternoon.

Such a decision breaks the heart of a team. There used to be such animosity in cricket too. Many wrong decisions were given against India. Until we became a superpower in cricket, the cricket team also had to endure injustice. In fact, India’s rise and success still inspires many. But don’t worry. We will be a superpower in hockey too. Then I’ll see who’s big khiladi!

The girls played great hockey. Mind won. If not for that wrong decision, the result of the match could have been different. But I will tell the girls that they still have a chance to win a medal. New Zealand ahead on Sunday. Destroy everything yourself. Winning a bronze medal is no less. The whole country will be looking at you.

Being a player myself, I know how bad it feels to be the victim of injustice after working hard. But there is no choice but to accept them. But don’t forget the facts. Keep insistence in mind. Next time Australia will try to respond wherever they find it. There is no point in thinking about what has happened.

Back with the medal on Sunday. Women’s goals Sehwag says umpires will think 10 times before giving bad decisions only when they can beat Australia and England regularly. That’s the truth.

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