#Kolkata: In director Ram Gopal Varma’s film, we have seen the story of the dark underworld of Mumbai emerge again and again. Few directors have experimented on celluloid like Ram Gopal Varma with Mumbai’s underworld.

And if we talk about Kolkata, it can be said in one sentence, the directors did not show the courage to direct a dark film in that sense with the underworld here. It is not that the dark world of the underworld here has not emerged in Bengali films. But no picture could leave a scar in the mind like that. Again, because of the huge difference with the reality, the audience could not unite themselves with those pictures.

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* ‘Calcutta 99’ will tell the story of the Kolkata underworld in the late nineties. This time the story of this city will unfold on the big screen. ‘Calcutta 99’ tells the story of the underworld of Calcutta city in the late nineties, its official name and teaser poster released.

The poster shows rain-soaked and flooded Kolkata, and two police officers. One is young and the other is senior. The makers are not willing to reveal the names of the actors right now. They want to keep those names in the mist now. However, director Jayabrata Das said, “Several famous actors and actresses will be in this film. In a few days, the names of the actors of the film will be known.” Jayabrata Das and cinematographer Arnab Laha are final year students of srfti.

‘Calcutta 99’ is a joint production under the banner of Pramod Films and Quintiles Entertainment. Rishi Panda is doing the music for this movie. This is his first work as a music director in a feature film. The shooting of the film will start soon. Different live locations will frame different important parts in the film. The list of the crew will also come in front of the movie lovers in a few days. But time will tell how different ‘Calcutta 99’ is from the other five underworld films.

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