#New Delhi: The world’s popular messaging platform WhatsApp is launching new features one after another keeping their users in mind. This time WhatsApp is going to bring another new feature. WhatsApp is about to launch a new feature called Call Links. With this new feature of WhatsApp, users will be able to start a call, as well as join an already started call. WhatsApp has informed about this new feature on Twitter. This call link option will be added in the call tab of WhatsApp. Through this, WhatsApp users can create links for audio and video calls. This link can also be easily shared on other platforms.

WhatsApp has informed that this new feature will be launched at the end of this week. But to use this new feature, users need to use the latest version of WhatsApp. According to a Facebook post by Mark Zuckerberg, WhatsApp is bringing the Call Links feature as users can create a link through it. They can share that link with friends and family through WhatsApp.

Through this new feature of WhatsApp, you can easily connect with others like Google Meet by clicking on the call link. To create this call link users need to click on the Create Call Link option in the Call tab. Through this it is possible to create a link for audio and video calls. It is possible to share it with friends and family by creating this link.

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The most important thing about this new feature of WhatsApp is that the link created by the users can be added to the people whose phone number is not saved in the user’s phone. 32 people can join a video call together on WhatsApp. Testing has already been started for this. Currently, 32 people can join a WhatsApp voice call at once. This feature of WhatsApp is available on both Android and iOS devices.

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