#Taipei: For several days, the tension has reached its peak around the two countries. China vs. Taiwan war is just a matter of time! It is not a lie that China is psychologically scaring the small island nation of Taiwan by conducting continuous military exercises. From troop numbers to modern weapons, China is advancing in all directions. But Taiwan has made it clear that the Red Army will not be able to finish counting the dead if China comes to occupy their territory.

America at the beginning of this month Congress The sparks of excitement surrounding House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan have yet to ignite. There have been reports of deployment of Chinese warships and amphibious landing vehicles in various parts of the South China Sea, including the Taiwan Strait.

Submarines capable of carrying nuclear weapons have also landed. According to a section of military analysts, the F-16V can play an effective role in countering the Chinese fleet in this situation. Incidentally, China claims its J-20 is ‘full stealth’ (capable of evading radar surveillance) but most US and European experts are skeptical about this.

According to them, the Chinese aircraft is very much ‘partial stealth’. In fact, the radar of the Indian Air Force’s Sukhoi-30 MKI fighter jet has detected the J-20’s movement across the border several times. The Taiwan Air Force released photos of ‘combat preparations’ at an air base in eastern Hualien County on Wednesday.

It shows an image of an F-16V armed with anti-ship missiles. The China Sea ‘island nation’ claims six armed warplanes have also carried out night patrolling. Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said in a statement, ‘We have started preparing for war to defend the country’s sovereignty in the face of the aggression of Chinese Communist forces.

China’s J20 is bigger and can carry more oil. Weapon carrying capacity is also high. But ahead in speed and dogfighting is the American-made Taiwanese F-16V. China’s J-20 is not battle-tested as such. On the other hand, the F-16V has experienced multiple combats. Therefore, Taiwan is a small country that is confident even in the face of continuous threats from China.

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