International Desk: A resolution calling on the country to apologize to the people of Bangladesh for the massacre of Bangladesh by the invading forces of Pakistan in 1971 has been raised in the House of Representatives, the lower house of the United States Parliament Congress.

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The resolution was introduced by House Democrat Rohit Khanna and Republican Siv Chabot on Friday (Oct 14), India’s largest news agency Press Trust of India said in a report.

Shabot said in a tweet on Friday after presenting the resolution, ‘We should never forget the genocide that took place in Bangladesh in 1971. It is not possible to erase the memory of the victims of this brutal murder. If this massacre is recognized as a genocide, it will be a document of world history and Americans as well as the people of other countries will be able to learn from it.’

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He also said, ‘One more thing is that if the genocide of 1971 is recognized, it will be possible to convey the message to all the oppressive powers of the world once again that such crimes are never to be tolerated or forgotten.’

Chabot said, ‘I and my friend and lawmaker Ro (Rohit) Khanna have moved this resolution in Congress to recognize the 1971 genocide. We want the killing of Bengali Hindus and Muslims in Bangladesh in 1971 by the then Pakistan army to be recognized as a genocide and to call on Pakistan to apologize to the people of Bangladesh for this genocide.

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In a separate tweet, Rohit Khanna said, ‘Millions of people were killed in the then East Pakistan in 1971. 80 percent of them were Hindus. What the army did in the then East Pakistan in 1971, like any other genocide in the history of the world, is clear genocide.’

The Bangladeshi community living in the United States welcomed this resolution. Salim Reza Noor, the son of the intellectual who was martyred in 1971, told PTI, “U.S. has finally recognized the genocide of our country, we are satisfied with it.”

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