International Desk: China has imposed sanctions on US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her visit to Taiwan. British media The Guardian reported this news about CGTN.

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According to CGTN, China has decided to impose sanctions on Nancy Pelosi and her close relatives for visiting the disputed island of Taiwan, despite repeated warnings.

China has imposed sanctions on US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her family members for their “hateful” and “provocative” activities, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said in a statement.

He also said that despite Beijing’s serious concerns and opposition, Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan and downplayed China’s interference in internal affairs and sovereignty and territorial integrity. Also trampling on the one-China policy threatens the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait.

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And in response, China began military exercises around Taiwan on Thursday. And it started on the world’s busiest shipping route. The country has reported firing ballistic missiles in the exercise.
Source: The Guardian



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