International Desk: Tensions between China and Taiwan continue over US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit. In the meantime, Taiwan has complained that the movement of 21 Chinese warplanes and 5 ships has been noticed in the vicinity of Taiwan.

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According to a report by Taiwan News citing Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense, they observed the movement of 17 aircraft and five ships of the Chinese military around 5 pm local time on Friday.

Taiwan claims that Chinese warplanes have violated the middle line of the Taiwan Strait in the last 24 hours. It includes four JH-7 bombers. Taipei also alleged that two Sukhoi-30 and J-11 fighter jets violated Taiwan’s airspace.

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Taiwan’s foreign ministry said it has tasked combat air patrols (CAP), navy ships and air defense missile systems to monitor and respond to Chinese activity, Taiwan News reported.

Earlier in the day, Taiwan’s military detected the presence of 51 Chinese warplanes in the Taiwan Strait and a Chinese guided-missile destroyer near Taiwan’s missile testing area.

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Tensions between Beijing and Taipei began around US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, ignoring China’s strong objections and threats.



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