#Perth: Many events are happening in the T20 World Cup on and off the field. But what happened during the match between Pakistan vs Netherlands is unknown to all if it happened earlier in the history of cricket. There have been many changes in the style of commentary during, before or after the match. A touch of modernity is everywhere. But have you ever seen someone hanging upside down on the roof of the stadium to give commentary. A similar incident happened in Perth.

Pakistan vs Netherlands match was going on in Perth on Sunday. The famous commentator Natalie was doing commentary in the match. Natalie wants to do something new during Pakistan’s batting. He climbed up to the roof of the stadium with full protection. All were tied with ropes. At that time, Natalie suddenly fell upside down. In that way he continued the commentary of the match for some time.

The picture was shared on social media with such a strange comment of Natalie. ‘Seeing the game from a different perspective,’ Natalie wrote in the caption. It didn’t take long for such an audacious act to take the net world by storm. Natalie’s body has shocked everyone. Natalie came to the discussion from Pakistan vs Netherlands match. Everyone remembers such a strange style of commentary.

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Incidentally, the Netherlands decided to bat after winning the toss in the match. The Dutch lost 9 wickets and scored 91 runs in 20 overs. Colin Ackerman scored the highest 27 runs for the team. Shadab Khan took maximum 3 wickets for Pakistan. Pakistan lost 4 wickets in 13.5 overs to chase the run. Mohammad Rizwan scored the maximum 49 runs.

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