#Rome: He is a musician So music accompanied him even during complex brain surgery After nearly nine hours of complex brain surgery, he continued to play his favorite instrument, the saxophone. A 35-year-old man was operated on at the Paedia International Hospital in Rome, Italy From doctors, nurses, everyone in the hospital is surprised to see the patient’s condition

The statement issued by the hospital said that the patient was kept awake during the surgery to check for any neurological problems. The doctors wanted to do the surgery without any damage to the nervous system But the doctor is surprised to see the patient’s body and says, “Every brain is different, it is surprising to see its own role.” Surgery is usually performed with the patient awake, as it is easier to understand whether basic neurological functions such as speaking, moving limbs, remembering, counting are being performed correctly. Surgery is possible in this case without damaging any nerves It reduces the danger of the patient.

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