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Covid19: Call to Action to Save the Down Syndrome Community in Bangladesh

Covid19: Call to Action to Save the Down Syndrome Community in Bangladesh
Covid19: Call to Action to Save the Down Syndrome Community in Bangladesh

A Little Support Can Make Your Daily Life Happy and Comfortable Down syndrome is not a disease or a birth defect. It’s more of a blessing. Children born with an extra chromosome have unique talents that are not recognized. People with Down syndrome have abilities and potential that are not recognized in most situations.

With the proper care, community support, and timely therapy and care, these children can grow up to be normal.
Lack of conscience, negligence on the part of the family and marginalization of the community; however, these children cannot reach their full potential.

The Down Syndrome Society of Bangladesh (DSSB) is a national platform for people with Down syndrome that has been a socially engaged philanthropic organization across the country since its inception for rights, social inclusion and employment opportunities for people with Down syndrome in the country.

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DSSB has partnered with many renowned national and international organizations to expand and enhance their activities for your development and well-being. She is now recognized as a national spokesperson for Down Syndrome International (DSi) and Inclusion International, UK, by joining these two world leading organizations.

In the situation of pandemic and confinement that prevails throughout the country, children, adults and people with Down syndrome are at greater risk and at greater risk due to their fragile health. Internationally, many organizations are working hard to ensure the protection and livelihoods of these people.

But so far, no joint measures have been taken in our country to protect people with Down syndrome, either at the government level or at the private level. Communication and counseling with these families shows that low-income families of people with Down syndrome are in dire straits at the family and community level due to financial hardship, lack of available food, and mental illness.


Our holy month of Ramadan has already started. Holy Ramadan teaches us the spirit of giving and helping poor and needy neighbors and parishioners. In this month of sacrifice and brotherhood, all rich and good-hearted people must reach out to help them at this critical time for the nation to ensure their survival.

In addition, corporate bodies, national and international charities can play an important role in alleviating your suffering and struggles. Everyone should remember that these people are also an integral part of society and that the inclusive sustainable development of the country cannot be left behind.

A little bit of support, collaboration, and kindness can make your daily life happy and enjoyable. The spirit of holy Ramadan also teaches us to act for others. Let’s step forward and extend our gracious support to this vulnerable community to provide them with a better life so that their talents and skills can actively contribute to the development of the country.

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