International Desk: Death toll rises to 46 after powerful earthquake hits southwestern China This was said in the news of the country’s state media CCTV.

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The earthquake struck remote areas of the country, destroying many houses and leaving some areas without electricity.

A magnitude 6.6 earthquake struck at a depth of 10 kilometers about 43 kilometers southeast of Kangding city in Sichuan province on Monday (September 5), the US Geological Survey said.

Chinese state broadcaster CCTV reported that 17 people died in the city of Yan. 29 people died in neighboring Ganji area.

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CCTV also says at least 16 others are missing and 50 injured.

The earthquake shook the buildings of the provincial capital Chengdur. A strict lockdown is going on here due to covid. People are not allowed to go out of the house. So the people were forced to come down to the front yard of the house.

Meanwhile, even after the earthquake hit, several more tremors were felt in the area. Hundreds of rescue workers are working to rescue people from under the rubble. Besides, 1000 soldiers have been sent there to strengthen the rescue work.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping urged local authorities to prioritize ‘saving lives’ and evacuate people from disaster-prone areas.

Incidentally, in 2008, thousands of people lost their lives in an 8-magnitude earthquake in Wenchuan County, Sichuan, China. The damage was immeasurable. In a report, this information was given by the news agency Buss.

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